Starter Packages on Reloaders

Starter packages are setup to get you reloading in most common calibers with a basic setup. If you are a budget this is a good way to go.We offer a bit better price on these packages as you consider getting a few items at the same time.

Q. Are you doing pistol calibers only?

A. You may wish to consider the Square Deal starter pack. This comes in most common pistol calibers from 32sw to 45 long colt. Common calibers used in this machine are 9mm, 38super, 38 special and 44 magnum. Comes preset and ready to go. Some minor adjustments may be required.

Q. I need to load both pistol and rifle calibers.

A. If you need to do both rifle and pistol, then the square deal will NOT do the job. Choosing either the 550B or 650B are good options. These reloaders will do most common calibers. Check the drop down menu next to the product listed to confirm what calibers are available.

Q What is the difference between the 650 and 550?

A. The basic difference is the 550 is a 4 stage reloader and the 650 is a 5 stage reloader. Having the extra stage can be handy if you want to do something extra like having a powder check system, projectile feeder or a manual powder throw system. There are many things that can be adapted to the 650 in the extra stage or station. In addition to the extra stage, the 650 can be adapted with an electric case feeder to speed up the process of reloading. The 650 case feeder will automatically feed empty cases into the reloading machine saving time in the process. Note: there are case feeds assemblies also available for the 550B reloader as well BUT the assembly costs a little bit more and the calibers it can do are very limited. If you are definitely considering the casefeed option now or in the future, I would suggest the 650 reloader as the best starting point.