Skywatcher Go To Mounts

The Skywatcher pro Series Equatorial mounts are premium grade observing platforms utilizing quality mechaniclal and electronic component materials throughout.

Computer Operation

Sky-watcher Pro Series Equatorial Mounts include the revolutionary Synscan Computer Controller.

Astronomical object locating has never been easier or more fun. The telescope responds instantly to keypad commands at the touch of a fingertip. The pro series mounts can also be controlled remotely by PC using populat planitarium software via a RS232 connection on the hand controller. There is even a GPS upgrade option to facilitate entering precise time, date and location. Synscan firm ware is upgradeable via internet download.

Motors, Gears and bearings

The Pro Series models utilize high torque DC stepper motors and micro-stepping driving technology yielding high resolution. Bronze metal worm-gear control system enables precise, incremental mechanical movement with minimal gear backlas.

Motor Speeds and tracking Modes

The operating versatility of Synscan provides various guiding and slewing speeds. Tracking modes offer lunar, solar and sidereal rates. Mount is compatible with operations in both Northern and Southern hemispheres.


The Synscan computer includes a celestial database of over 40,000 objects. The library includes objects for advanced studies catalogued within the CNGC, IC, Caldwell and other lists, plus 25 user-defined celestial favourites.


Sky imagers will appreciate the auto-guider port for guiding using a PC. Synscan firmware includes a programming algorithm for periodic error correction (such error is common to all worm-gears). In addition programming is provided for RA and Dec wor-gearing backlash compenasation to keep slewing and tracking response prompt and unifor.

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