Tasco rifle scope reticles

30/30: Four picket-shaped posts are set at 90 degrees from one another. The center point is created by the crossing of fine crosshairs that connect the opposing pickets. This pattern can be used to measure distance. Using the 30/30 reticle, the crosshair lines represent an area 30" across at 4x from 100 yards away.
Crosshair: A simple pattern consisting of thin horizontal and vertical lines that cross, forming a center aiming point.

Pro-Shot: A 30/30 reticle with an inner center circle that provides an exact aiming point for shotgun use and works as a rangefinder too.

True Mil-Dot: Multiple aiming points to determine the exact distance of a target and also the correct aiming points regardless of distance.
Red Dot: A single red electronic dot placed in the center of the field of view.