Nightforce Zero Stop Technology

ZeroStop™ An instant return to zero every time under 
any conditions.


ZeroStopCloseupsmIt's an old problem. Make a radical adjustment to your scope's elevation settings, perhaps even through two turns of the knob, and returning to your zero setting can be almost impossible... especially under stressful conditions or in bad lighting.

Not any more. While other manufacturers have tried other methods to solve this problem, with less-that-satisfactory results, Nightforce ZeroStop™ is a solution so good, so simple and so effective, that it is patented.  

After sighting in your rifle, set the ZeroStop mechanism to your chosen  zero point and lock it in. Then, you can make all the elevation adjustments you wish, and return the knob to zero quickly and positively just by feel. No counting clicks or need for visual reference. You can  always return to your zero point, even while wearing gloves or in total  darkness.

ZeroStopLogoPositivesmNightforce ZeroStop technology was designed at the request of Tier One  U.S. military forces, and has been proven in the field under the most rigorous conditions. It will not shift or loosen.

ZeroStop is available on 1-4, 2.5-10, 3.5-15, 5.5-22 and 8-32 NXS  riflescopes. We offer .250 MOA and .1 Mil-Radian adjustments. Please consult individual scope specifications for details.