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Astronomy Reflectors 200mm x 1000mm EQ5 SW600

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200mm primary mirror gives magnificent images of deep-sky objects. 78% more light than 150mm, 137% more light than 130mm. Huge 9x 50mm achromatic finderscope reveals objects that elude smaller finderscopes New! 1.5" Steel tripod legs for maximum stability.The perfect instrument for serious amateurs.


Standard features of the EQ5 mount include a built-in holder for polar scope, a latitude adjuster with micrometer scale, an azimuth polar-alignment adjuster, aluminum setting circles, large manual slow-motion tracking controls on RA and DEC, and a bubble level. The proposed strong and rigid field tripod is remarkably stable with adjustable height, incorporating 1.5"-diameter steel tripod legs. The lowest possible height with the tripod is 70cm and the maximum extendable height with the tripod is 121cm.



Item Code


Daimeter (mm)
Focal Length (mm)
Foacl Ratio
F/5 ratio
Optical Design
Paroboloidal Newtonian reflector
Eyepiece (s)
S20mm and S10mm
Mount Type
Equatorial EQ5
Highest Practical Power
Resolving Power (arc sec)
Weight (g)
Motor Drive
Optional for both axes
Faintest Stellar Magnitude
Finder Scope
9 x 50mm
Focuser Diameter (mm)
50.8mm & 31.7mm
Slow Motion Control
Both axes by flexable cable
Counter Weight (s)
Piggyback Bracket
Accessory Tray
With tripod
Tube Dimensions (dia x length)
24cm x 90cm
Tripod Height
71cm to 123cm


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