Nightforce Base Steel One Piece

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An integral recoil lug machined on the bottom of the base (Rem 700 and HS700) provides a precise fit when bedded to rifle actions, preventing any movement of the base or recoil stress on screws holding the base to the receiver.Our one-piece bases are machined to exact Mil. Std. 1913 specification rail dimensions. This design allows the same scope to be used on several different rifles, always optimizing eye relief. A 20 Minute of Angle (MOA) taper is standard, with a 40 MOA taper offered for Remington 700 bases. Designed for right-or left-hand actions, our bases will never interfere with loading or extraction.


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Rem 700 SA 20 MOA



Rem 700 SA 40 MOA



Rem 700 LA 20 MOA



Rem 700 LA 40 MOA



HS 700 SA 20 MOA (8-40 screws)



HS 700 SA 40 MOA (8-40 screws)



HS 700 LA 20 MOA (8-40 screws)



HS 700 LA 40 MOA (8-40 screws)



Win 70 SA 20 MOA

Add $25


Win 70 LA 20 MOA

Add $25


Win 70 Short Mag 20 MOA



Sav SA New Style 20 MOA (6-48 screws)



Sav LA New Style 20 MOA (6-48 screws)



Sav LA New Style  20 MOA (8-40 screws)


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