Nightforce Ultralite Rings

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When a tough, reliable mounting system is required without adding substantial weight, Nightforce Ultralite rings are the answer. They feature CNC machined 7075- T6 hard anodized aluminum bodies and titanium beta series crossbolts and jaws. This unique construction provides exceptional strength, normally not found in lightweight rings. Testing has proven that this combination is actually stronger than steel.


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A118 .885 Low - Ultralite - 30mm
A101 1.00 Medium - Ultralite - 30mm
A107 1.125 High - Utralite - 30mm
A108 1.265 Intermediate -  Ultralite -  30mm
A110 1.375 X-High - Ultralite - 30mm

1.5 Extreme  - Ultralite - 30mm

A223 Ring Set - 1.00 Medium - 34mm - Ultralite™, 4 Bolt
A224 Ring Set - 1.125 High - 34mm - Ultralite™, 4 Bolt
A226 Ring Set - 1.375 X-High - 34mm - Ultralite™, 4 Bolt
A227 Ring Set - 1.50 Extreme - 34mm - Ultralite™, 4 Bolt
A208 Ring Set - 1.00 Medium - 34mm - Ultralite™, 6 Bolt
A210 Ring Set - 1.125 High - 34mm - Ultralite™, 6 Bolt
A214 Ring Set - 1.375 X-High - 34mm - Ultralite™, 6 Bolt
A216 Ring Set - 1.500 X-Treme - 34mm - Ultralite™, 6 Bolt

A264           Ringset - 885 Low - 30mm - Ultralite  6 screw

A265           Ringset - 1.0 Med - 30mm - Ultralite 6 screw

A266           Ringset - 1.125 High - 30mm - Ultralite 6 screw

A267           Ringset - 1.265 Intermediate - 30mm - Ultralite 6 screw

A268           Ringset - 1.375 X-High - 30mm - Ultralite 6 screw

A269           Ringset - 1.5 X-treme - 30mm - Ultralite 6 screw


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