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Dillon Square Deal Starter Package

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Total Price: $773.00
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This package includes

Dillon Eliminator Loading Scale magnetically dampened 13480


Dillon Primer Flip Tray 13606


Products Specifications

Here is a package deal to set yourself up with a basic reloading kit to get you going in loading your own ammunition.


This package includes:


  • Square Deal Reloader - specify caliber
  • Dillon primer flip tray
  • Dillon Eliminator powder scales


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Dillons Square Deal B was designed to produce large amounts of ammunition in the least possible time for just a little bit of money. At 400 to 500 rounds per hour. you can produce enough ammunition for several practice sessions in just a few hours.


  • Automatic Indexing
  • Auto Powder / Priming Systems
  • Available in 14 Handgun calibers
  • Loading Rate: 400-500 Rounds per Hour
  • Comes Complete With Loading Dies
  • Factory Adjusted. Ready-to-Use
The Square Deal B comes to you complete with a factory adjusted carbide die set (except for 44/40) ready to load the pistol calibers of your choice -- all you need to do is determine the powder charge you want. set the automatic powder measure accordingly and select the bullet seating depth.

Whether you use your handguns for competition. hunting. informal target shooting. home defense or all of the above -- the Square Deal B is perfect. Its available in all popular handgun calibers and if you shoot more than one handgun caliber. you can change one caliber to another in minutes with a Square Deal B caliber conversion kit.
Pictured with optional accessories: SDB Strong Mount. Low Powder Sensor and Bullet Tray.
Optional Accessories
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Dillon Square Deal 550 Machine Cover 13795


Dillon Low Powder Sensor 16306


Dillon Square Deal Strong Mount 22223


Dillon DVD Electronic User Guide DVD for Square Deal Reloader: 19482


Dillon Primer Flip Tray 13606




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