Bushnell Warranty

www.nvt.com.au is owned & operated by NVT Pty Ltd, an authorised RETAILER of Bushnell products

Bushnell Warranty & Service

For GOLF PRODUCTS purchased within Australia contact

Champion Sports (Wholesale suppliers and service agents for Bushnell GOLF products

Tel: 088 268 5841
Email: sales@championsports.com.au

For Bushnell riflescopes, binoculars, GPS, NON golf rangefinders and other items purchased within Australia

The importer and service agent is

NIOA Australia

Bushnell Warranty & Service

Warranty and service for items purchased from nvt.com.au or bushnell.net.au can be obtained either by calling us on 0893137444 or emailing us through the contact us form on this website. You will need to provide details of the receipt of purchase for warranty or after sales service. Check this link. CONTACT US

We look forward to being of service to our customers who purchased from nvt.com.au or bushnell.net.au

To obtain warranty on items purchased from other retailers within Australia

NVT and associated websites are a retailer of Bushnell products that support products purchased from nvt.com.au and bushnell.net.au online stores only. If you have purchased a Bushnell product within Australian from another retailerand require assistance, contact that retailer for product support and warranty issues

What are the benefits of buying within Australia?

There are many benefits to purchasing your products from nvt.com.au and bushnell.net.au. Local service, warranty and technical support gives you piece of mind that we will do our best to look after you and your precious goods. It also supports a 100% owned Australian business which employs Australians