Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56 SFP Riflescope - Superior Quality

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Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 SFP Riflescope – Superior Quality

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✅ The Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 SFP “Enhanced”  Riflescope includes the Nightforce Hi-Speed adjustments with patented ZeroStop ✅ and is available in .1 Mrad (12 Mils per revolution) or .25 MOA (30 MOA per revolution) increments.


The Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 SFP “Enhanced”  Riflescope includes the Nightforce Hi-Speed adjustments with patented ZeroStop, and is available in .1 Mrad (12 Mils per revolution) or .25 MOA (30 MOA per revolution) increments. A capped windage adjustment helps prevent accidental adjustment in the field. The parallax adjustment is marked with approximate numbered distances and is coupled with DigIllum digital reticle illumination. The eyepiece features enhanced engraving, an integrated Power Throw Lever (PTL) and an XtremeSpeed thread for making a fast diopter adjustment.

The 34mm tube allows 120 MOA/34.9 Mils of elevation adjustment. Fully multi-coated ED glass results in light transmission values of over 90%, brilliant images and exceptional color contrast. A magnification range of 5x to 25x, and a wider field of view as a result of its unique optical prescription (17.96 feet at 5x) will cover virtually any situation a shooter could encounter.

Tenebraex Flip Covers are now included with ATACR™ riflescopes*.

(*Excluding models C445, C446, C526)


Magnification Range5-25x
Focal PlaneSecond Focal Plane (F2/SFP)
Body Tube Diameter34mm
Overall Length14.3 in/363 mm
Mounting Length6.1 in/156 mm
Weight39.1 oz/1108 g
Click Value.250 MOA or .1 MRAD
Internal Adjustment RangeE: 120 MOA/35 MRAD
W: 60 MOA/17 MRAD
Parallax Adjustment45 yd–∞
Eye Relief3.5 in/90 mm
Field of View @ 100 yd/m5x: 18.0 ft/6.0 m
25x: 4.9 ft/1.6m
Exit Pupil5x: 10.5 mm
25x: 2.2 mm
Elevation Feature
Power Throw LeverStandard
C555 – MOAR-T™
C554 – Mil-R™


Nightforce MIL-R reticle
MIL-R™ – 5 Mils Reticle

.5 Mil and 1 Mil divisions allow for multiple zeroes, holdover, hold-under and windage adjustments without touching elevation or windage knobs. Excellent for range estimation.


Nightforce MOAR-T reticle
MOAR-T™ Reticle

Nightforce customers asked for a finer version of our MOAR™ reticle for even more precision at extreme ranges, and our new MOAR-T™ delivers. .0625 MOA lines, with 1 MOA elevation and windage markings. Allows accurate rangefinding and holdover estimation at the longest distances. Center Illumination only.

The elevation and windage marks can be used for ranging objects when the size of the target is known. Bracket the target from top to bottom or side to side within the marks. Distance to target can then be determined using this formula:

  • Target size in inches ÷ moa x 100 = range in yards.


Nightforce MOAR reticle
MOAR™ – 20 MOA Reticle

With 1 MOA elevation and windage markings, more accurate range finding and hold-offs are possible on smaller targets at longer ranges. Combined with a floating center crosshair, this makes for a reticle extremely fast and easy to use in the field. MOAR™ reticles in Nightforce 5.5-22x and 8-32x NXS models have a 20 MOA scale below centerline (at left). Reticles in 3.5-15x models have an additional 10 MOA scale below center.


Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 SFP: Reticle Pattern Downloads

MIL-R™ – 5 Mils Reticle
MOAR-T™ Reticle
MOAR™ – 20 MOA Reticle

Nightforce ATACR Owners Manual download
Nightforce ATACR Specification Sheet download

Optional Nightforce 34mm rings are available
Optional Nightforce standard duty rails are available

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 20 cm
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